Board Member in the News

San Diego Filmmaker's board member, Francine Filsinger was recently interviewed by The Coast News for her influence in the art community of San Diego.

Francine Filsinger's interview from The Coast News

Francine Filsinger's interview from The Coast News

"There’s no doubt about it, Francine Filsinger is having a positive influence on the arts in San Diego.

Working in multiple arenas, she creates invariably remarkable results with her widely ranging projects. She makes things happen.

Within her first six months as member of the Commission for the Arts of the city of Encinitas, Filsinger had successfully completed the production of the first Encinitas Student Film Festival.

Her background in filmmaking and membership on the executive board of directors for the San Diego Filmmakers Association allowed her to rally many award winning associates to work with area high school and college students for a engaging film symposium, culminating weeks later in the screening of the students’ short films and a red carpet awards ceremony.", The Coast News, Brush with Art: Fine art photographer creates outstanding results

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