Getting return on your film investment

Occurred on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Guest Speaker: Tom Thudiyanplackal

Original event synopsis

Filmmaking is an ongoing quest for artistic and/or financial success. Each project starts out as promising but only hindsight can determine the "one that paid the bills”. How can we predict which film will pay for our retirement or serve as our legacy?

It's always good to have some inkling about the prospects of a project to make a proportional investment. You only have so many active years of work in you. Every phase of your career will only attract a certain rank and responsibility to you. As you plan better, your journey will become more rewarding. How do you go about doing this?

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Managing expectations – encourage boldness yet contain enthusiasm
  • Building on small successes and avoiding self-criticism
  • Becoming fluid from ideation and creation
  • Getting noticed as you arrive at a level of mastery

About the Speaker:
Tom Thudiyanplackal is an Indian American filmmaker and innovator with over two decades of experience in creative leadership roles in film and advertising. He gently introduces himself as a polyglot and polymath with a polysyllabic last name.

Tom's credits include Indian blockbusters 3 Idiots and Carry on Munna Bhai, Emmy-nominated nature documentary Seed: The Untold Story, and several other festival favorites and award-winning films. Tom stays out of the limelight, often calling his function "the invisible glue" that holds the ship until it gets ashore.

Nurtured to be a creative director in his early 20s by the most reputable leaders in the advertising industry, Tom has applied those lessons to film projects with larger and more complex scenarios from budgets in the several million dollars to crews that span multiple continents. The secret, according to Tom, rests in finding the pulse of a project and getting everyone to move in synchrony. When we all see the same vision and move in that one direction, a little effort on everyone's part goes a long way. Everything adds up and moves in agreement.

For more about Tom  visit his website or IMDB page.

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