Adventures in Field Production – Lessons for Every Filmmaker

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Guest Speaker(s): Jeffrey Lehmann

6:00–6:30 / Doors open for check-in and seating
6:30–8:00 / Screening, Presentation, Q&A
8:00–9:00 / Follow-Up Session


Learn how to survive and thrive under the most high pressured and dangerous shooting conditions in destinations around the world. Highlights include avoiding arrest, camera seizures, and even death by dangerous wildlife. And you thought shooting without a permit was risky!

There is something for everyone involved with filmmaking. What happens when pre-production is compressed or done on the fly? How to get shots when you only have one opportunity? Secrets of getting clean sound in hostile environments? MacGyver lighting tricks for the field. Using local talent or importing it with you. Etc.

About our speaker
Jeffrey Lehmann is a multi EMMY awarding host and producer. In his more than twenty years as a filmmaker he has seen it all and lived through it.


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