About San Diego Filmmakers

Filmmaking is an art supported by science. Art is best learned by sharing which is how San Diego Filmmakers got started. We are all volunteers sharing our love and enthusiasm. We can always use more volunteers.

Providing experience based education since 2005

There is a reason for that long list of credits at the end of a movie and the many skills they represent. We hold sessions open to the public on the second Tuesday of each month where we bring in guest speakers to help educate us on different aspects of the filmmaking arts. A typical audience might range from young students brought by parents to experienced industry veterans. From time to time we hold additional seminars on a Saturday to cover topics that need more time. Our sessions also provide an opportunity for local filmmakers to share insight, engage in meaningful dialogue about critical issues, and form collaborative connections. Time is provided before and after our sessions to compare notes on projects and core subject matter. Here attendees can learn more about who can help facilitate their project or find a project where they can learn or practice a skill. These projects serve as the lab time and homework between our lecture sessions.


San Diego Filmmakers was established in September 2005 by award-winning writers, directors, and producers who came together to create a synergistic resource for filmmakers. The association’s first events featured presentations by Silver writer Chrisanna Northrup, former San Diego Film Commission vice president and director of features Kathy McCurdy, and Tombstone producer Bob Misiorowski. The founding board of directors was comprised of writer-director Dan Margules, producer-writer Aaron Matthew Kaiser, producer-director Gerald “Wade” Varney, writer-director Robin Rigby, and Video Gear founder Martin Banks.

Since then, San Diego Filmmakers has produced years of events which have featured exceptional guest speakers, including actor Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), character actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), actor-comedian Mark Christopher Lawrence (The Pursuit of Happyness, Chuck), actor Faran Tahir (Iron Man, Star Trek), writer Jimmy Diggs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager), Emmy Award-winning producer Erik Bork (From the Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers), Sundance Film Festival award-winning director Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12), and Oscar-nominated director Gregg Helvey (Kavi). For more examples look at our list of past events.

San Diego Filmmakers formally incorporated in 2012 and was recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) charatible organization in 2013. Francine Filsinger took over the presidency in October 2014 with a focus on the Encinitas Student Film Festival and re-establishment of the San Diego Film Commision.


Eddie Edgell

Eddie Edgell (President)

Eddie Edgell is an award winning writer and producer, has also been a production coordinator for companies producing online media. Edgell is currently a strategic consultant for a marketing think tank. In the film world, Eddie has several projects in various stages of development.
Larry Poole

Larry Poole (Vice President)

Larry Poole is a SAG-AFTRA actor with an emphasis on westerns. His skills include improvisation, firearms, voiceover, stunts, singing, diving, swimming, equestrian, martial arts and guitar.
Robert Cox

Robert Cox (Treasurer)

Robert Cox has been writing in a broad gamut of genres since he was a teenager. These have included scientific journals, business publications, plays, opera librettos, song lyrics and short stories. Several of his ideas, synopses, treatments and scripts for television have been considered and a few filmed. He has been a judge for film festivals and taught screenwriting workshops. He holds a BA in English, a BA in music and a Masters in Botany.
Len Holland

Len Holland (Secretary)

Len Holland is an “old school” screen writer, and award-winning print (magazine) author. Following a few writers room experiences, including Jake and the Fatman at CBS, and another with Sony Pictures Entertainment, he struck out on his own. One extended writers’ strike provided opportunities to create and write two successful three act stage plays. He now operates a production company that provides problem-solving and project-management skills to manage the creative process from concept to completion and an on line mentoring service.
Vacant AL2

Vacant AL2 (Board Member at Large)

This seat is presently vacant. Contact Eddie Edgell if you, or someone you know would be a good candidate.
Vacant AL3

Vacant AL3 (Board Member at Large)

This seat is presently vacant. Contact Eddie Edgell if you, or someone you know would be a good candidate.

Volunteers (Board Member at Large)

Aaron Matthew Kaiser, Andrew Nast, Andy Levison, Bob Unger, Dennis Jones, Efa Akutekha, Evans Formica, Jennifer Church, Joe Castanho, Len Savage, Lori Jones, Martin Banks, Mike Caballero, Moh Salim, Rametin Movahhed, Raymond Tucker, Salvador Mariscal

Some of our other volunteers

generic volunteer Volunteers are the backbone of San Diego Filmmakers. Everyone involved is a volunteer from the President to the one folding chairs (sometimes the same). We can always use more. If you have something to contribute or want to know how you can help, let us know.

Providing filmmaking education for the San Diego community.

San Diego Filmmakers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We appreciate your support.