Casting the Right Actor for your Film

Occurred on Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Guest Speaker: Billy Cowart

Original event synopsis

Hello San Diego Filmmakers!!

Come out and experience another great SD Filmakers event with our special guest Actor/Producer/Director/Acting Coach  Billy Cowart. Billy will discuss the specifics of casting and how to have the greatest impact on your audience without having to work harder at it. Understanding marketing, essence and archetype in casting goes a long way to putting the perfect cast together. It starts in the writing process and ends in the editing process and must be considered every step along the way. Whether you are an actor, writer, producer, or editor this will inspire you.

About Billy Cowart

Billy Cowart started acting in 1979 and has been continously working and building a career ever since. Over 60 plays and numerous Film and T.V. credits fill out his resume. He has worked as a Supervising Producer for Storytellerz and 6 Reel Pictures (NICHE, HANK & EDGAR, and CACTUS) and as an associate producer on the Film B-GIRL which is running on Showtime and The Movie Channel as we speak. As a Feature film writer for Emmet/Furla Films, Ross Bell (Producer of FIGHTCLUB and KILL BILL) and Fogleaf Media where he has written scripts and ghost written scripts. He is currently developing the script Belly-up with Creative Film Group. He has worked  as a casting associate with several casting directors, as a film development associate. As a director he jumped completed "Shifters" and is in post production on "Chess Club". He brings a passion, knowledge, and love to the craft that is contagious.

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