One Shot: The making of a feature in a single take

Occurred on Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Guest Speakers: Al Stoffell, Karl Backus, Ronn Kilby

Original event synopsis

Come and be a part of another exciting event with our outstanding guests: The filmmakers of  the exciting new feature MiSDiRECTiON—Al Stoffell, Karl Backus, and Ronn Kilby. They will share there experiences as filmmakers and their success with one of the most exciting feature films in San Diego shot in Real Time.


MiSDiRECTiON is an unusual feature film. Filmed as one continuous camera shot with no cuts or edits, the story is told in real time, creating a unique intimacy between the characters and the audience. The challenging choreography of moving the camera among the players made traditional filmmaking techniques impossible, but also made something truly extraordinary possible—to witness this psychological thriller as it happens.

About the Speakers

Al Stoffel: Al Stoffel began his film career as an intern at Warner Bros., working on a number of major films. He was educated at the University of Arizona, receiving a degree with emphasis in English and History. For several years, Al worked for United Artists, primarily in product development for the music division. With a passion for writing, Al studied fiction writing and screenwriting, finally being mentored by Howard Browne. Al has written plays, novels and screenplays, and had an association with the San Diego Repertory Theatre, where one of his plays debuted. He collaborated on film projects with the late novelist George Bernau, adapting High Wire Act for the screen, as a property of Warner Books. Al also had comedy features in development at various studios: Class Act with Simpson-Bruckheimer at Paramount; Gallop with Michael Hertzberg at 20th Century Fox; The Next Life, with Casey Silver at Universal; Beautiful with Frank Capra, Jr.; and The Sons of Laurel and Hardy with Kent Walwin in London.  Al wrote and directed an award-winning comedy feature, “What’s The Vig?”  MiSDiRECTiON is his second feature film.

Ronn Kilby: Before tackling film making, Ronn spent 3 decades in TV, working for 6 stations around the country as art director, writer/producer, and senior creative director – ending up at the NBC owned station in San Diego, where he was Manager of Advertising & Promotion. In 2004 he left to start his own boutique production house and concentrate on making documentary and narrative films. Ronn earned a B.S. from Regents College, University of the State of New York, and an A.A.S. in Media Advertising Arts from TCC in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he also taught photography for 7 years. An accomplished musician and composer, he designs and builds guitars, makes beer, and enjoys solo international motorcycle touring.

Karl Backus: This year Karl will appear in three feature film set for release. In addition to MiSDiRECTiON, Karl has roles in the upcoming WWII epic, The Glass House and the independent comedy, The Karoke Brothers. He has previously starred in Al Stoffel’s directing debut, What’s the Vig? as well as several pilots for television. In addition to film, he has appeared in over 50 stage productions around the world in plays ranging from Much Ado About Nothing to Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Karl began his acting career at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He studied extensively with Russian actor/director, Oleg Tabakov and director José Quintero. He holds a Masters in Acting from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory of Acting. He resides in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

Door Prizes

Instructional DVDs from Videomaker magazine. Also Panasonic will be treating Filmmakers to food and refreshments during the networking hour, so arrive early. Panasonic will also have door prizes to giveaway!

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