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Occurred on Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Guest Speaker: Ace Underhill

Original event synopsis

Come and be a part of another exciting event with our outstanding guest:  Award-winning Filmmaker and one of our very known SD Filmmaker Alumni, Ace Underhill.  Ace will share his insight into the indie film world and reveal closely-guarded secrets of the industry. The knowledge he has acquired making movies over the last 14 years is invaluably helpful to anyone wanting to break into the business, regardless of role or job position.

About Ace Underhill

Ace Underhill has worked in the film and television industry for over 14 years, blending extensive technical knowledge with an award-winning artistic edge.  He founded Brilliant Screen Studios, a full-service film &  television studio as well as a feature film production company.  In addition to credits ranging from actor, director, DP, editor, sound mixer, Visual FX, and stuntman, he has also produced 4 feature films in the last 2 years, with several more in development.  Ace served on the San Diego Filmmakers Board of Directors and is the instructor for Canon's DSLR Master Cinematography Workshop.  Brilliant Screen Studios also supplies productions of all sizes with crew, consultation, locations, and equipment.

Check Ace out on imdb.

Door Prizes

A Special thanks to Tosiba and Videomaker Magazine.

  • Toshiba High Definition Blu-ray player
  • Videomaker Instructional DVD, Introduction to Advanced Shooting
  • Videomaker Instructional DVD, Introduction to Advanced Editing
  • One Year Subscription to Videomaker Magazine

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