Voice Over Production Challenges Across Media

Occurred on Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Guest Speakers: Connie Terwilliger, Dino Andrade, Lani Minella

Original event synopsis

San Diego Filmmakers brings together three voice actors to discuss the challenges of producing voice overs for projects crossing media such as television, advertising, and video games. Specifically, the panel will address a range of topics, including working with talent, directing, casting, writing, and localization.

At this event, you can learn about the relationship between writing and the voice-over budget; selecting and supporting a casting director; the criteria for and requirements of union and nonunion talent in the context of directing, casting, recording, and editing; celebrity placement best practices; nuances of producing voice overs for different media; asset management; technology; career advancement; and the road to recognition.

About the Speakers

Lani Minella is one of the most accomplished voice actors in the video game industry. Minella is the voice of Nancy Drew, the president of San Diego-based AudioGodz, and is credited on over 500 titles. She is also the voice of the Toyota Prius navigation system.

Dino Andrade has performed in television, features, commercials, online serieses, and video games. Notably, he was the voice of Pop of "Snap, Crackle & Pop" for all U.S. Rice Krispies campaigns, the series villain Father Russeau in Kevin Costner's The Explorers Guild, and the voice of 17-year-old William Shatner in a 2010 promo for $h*! My Dad Says.

Connie Terwilliger has worked as a voiceover talent since 1978 for major corporations, including Microsoft, AT&T, H&R Block, Hotel del Coronado, and Invitrogen/Life Technologies.

Door Prizes

  • Logitech keyboard and mouse set
  • 50% discount on the Masters POV Conference in Los Angeles this February, which includes seminars, workshops, and personal Q&A. Essential insight for DPs, directors, producers, gaffers, actors, and writers. $249 instead of the regular price of $495. Discount certificates available at event. Learn from five of Hollywood's top cinematographers:
    • Allen Daviau (The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun),
    • Robbie Greenberg (Milagro Beanfield War, Free Willy),
    • Karl Walter Lindenlaub (Chronicles of Narnia, Independence Day),
    • Daniel Pearl (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Michael Jackson's Billie Jean),
    • and Mark Sawicki (Gangs of New York, Tropic Thunder).

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