Pulling the Movie Together With Music

Occurred on Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Guest Speaker: Larry Groupé

Original event synopsis

Music can be instrumental in pulling the entire movie together. Thematic ideas can bring focus to a number of different elements in the movie. The musical score can be one of the highlights and strong points of the entire film. The composer should be able to get a true sense of what the film is attempting visually and relate it to the score. Larry Groupé will discuss filmmaking through the eyes of a composer who not only loves music, but is insanely in love with film.

About the speaker: Larry Groupé is one of the most talented and versatile composers working today in the entertainment industry. With an impressive musical résumé in film and television as well as the concert stage, his achievements have received both critical praise and popular acclaim. Larry’s latest film release is "Straw Dogs" for Sony Pictures. He’s has been nominated for an Emmy® three times and has won twice. IMDb for Larry.

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