Sound Bite School: What Do I Ask? What Do I Say?

Occurred on Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Guest Speaker: Greg Lefevre

Original event synopsis

We just found out that Brad Wyman is not going to be able to come down to San Diego tonight.
However, Greg LeFevre will step in to give a presentation that he gave 2 years ago and was very well received.

Former CNN bureau chief and correspondent Greg Lefevre will unlock the secrets to the perfect interview. Using clips from the awful to the awesome, Lefevre will take you to sound bite school.

Are you collecting interviews for a documentary? Are you prepping for interviews about your hit film? If you're the one talking, this Emmy winner and 17 year CNN veteran will show you step by step: how to build the perfect sound bite, how to stay on point, stay relevant, and stay out of trouble.

If you're the one listening, you will learn how to get the biggest answers with the smallest questions. Looking for a role? Auditioning an actor? Pitching a sponsor? In any conversation, you can be the master.

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