CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Making the Best Location Sound Recording

Occurred on Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Guest Speaker: Joe Godfrey

Original event synopsis

Can You Hear Me Now?
How important is the sound in your film?  Very!
Most home video setups have at least 5 speakers, many theaters as many as 20.  What we hear can make or break a film.  We will hear from Joe Godfrey,  what sound techs, sound crews and sound designers hear on location, on the set and in post production...and what they do with it, and to it, to make your good film great.  Join us for an evening of tips, tricks and techniques that will make your production sing.
About the Speaker:
Joe Godfrey began teaching audio and video at UCSD’s Digital Arts Center in 2001 and in 2002 added audio and video classes at The Art Institute of California / San Diego.
Godfrey is academic director of the Audio Production and the Web Design & Interactive Media departments at the Art Institute of California - San Diego. He has also authored online training and dvds for Pro Tools 10 through Infinite, and Logic 8 and Pro Tools LE 7 through

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