GETTING THE SHOT: Experiences of a Former Newsman, Now a DP

Occurred on Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Guest Speaker: Erik Naso

Original event synopsis

A good director of photography has to be great at telling visual stories. What better training can you imagine than capturing live TV news? With skill and experience a good story can be told even without sound or dialog. Erik Naso will share with us some of the wisdom he has picked up as he transitioned from being a newsman to being a DP.

He will also share knowledge of camera choices and their application to different story types. You want a camera that fits your story, not change your story to match your cameras capabilities. However, even when testing a new camera, he tries to tell a story. He also has some advice from the many times he found himself to be the audio guy as well as DP.


Erik Naso has a broadcast television background that started over 20 years ago. Photojournalism was his start. He worked in local news rooms in several different markets from Bakersfield, CA to Washington, DC. Fast paced news gathering has had a big impact on him as a photographer. He had to make quick decisions on site and is still always looking for the next shot to capture. Not everything is fast paced however, he likes slowing down and getting into the moment as well.

In the last 10 years he has moved over to the commercial production world. He enjoys using the toys that production demands. Bring out the dolly and the jib for this shot! He has been honored with ten Emmy awards and three Telly’s for his work. His passion is nature video and photography. Visit to see his camera reviews and "how I did it" articles.

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