How a Costume Designer Can Impact a Production

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Guest Speaker: Shannon Arrant

Original event synopsis

Wardrobe can help convey a large part of a character's back story. Proper use of costume accessories can make shot continuity easier. Effective use of costumes does not need to be costly.

Come learn what a costume designer can do for your production. These include mapping a characters time and place, maintaining continuity on set, and preserving materials for possible pickup shots in post production. Included will be live examples and video clips to see how these ideas can be realized.

About the Speaker:
Shannon Arrant has been dressing actors on set and on stage for more than a decade. She has supervised stage productions from Shakespeare to Sondheim. Shannon most recently created and supervised wardrobe for the mini series Progress. Ms. Arrant is also a published writer with several short stories to her credit.

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