Occurred on Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guest Speaker: Eric Addison

Original event synopsis

Have you wrapped a shoot and later found a product logo (or boom shadow) that you cannot crop out?

Sometimes you shoot a scene with safety cables or other rigging that you know must be removed later. Maybe your story calls for an actor to have a “twin” in the same shot. Maybe you need a muzzle flash coming out of a plastic gun. These are some of the ways After Effects can help get the job done.

For our November presentation, Eric Addison will show us some examples of how AE can save you in post. Maybe you will get some ideas to use in your next production, or learn how difficult that concept you have would be to execute. If nothing else, AE produces some fun stuff to watch.

About our speaker: Eric Addison is the owner of 100 ACRE FILMS. He has directed (as well as shoot and edited) short films, commercials, training and promotional videos, as well as numerous corporate videos. He is also the manager of the San Diego Premiere Pro user group. When he is not doing all that, he is working on various scripts as well as watching movies.

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