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Guest Speaker: Billy Cowart

Original event synopsis

CHARACTER: This is by far the most misunderstood, miss-interpreted, and problematic word for actors and directors. Probably 70% of all problems you run into are related to this word. When misused it can be dangerous. But all of us are unconsciously made up of a cast of characters. Not understanding the psychology of how they are created in life, and therefore how they are created in the alternate universe of a script, can produce a whole host of unnecessary problems. Billy Cowart will show the actors and directors how a better understanding of  "character" will help with their film project. Cowart's last appearance was SRO and drew high praise from those lucky enough to attend. Some described it as "An entire acting course crammed into one hour."

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Billy Cowart, the head of  WCI Studios, started acting in 1979 and has been continuously working and building a career ever since. Over 60 plays and numerous Film and T.V. credits fill out his resume. He has worked as a Supervising Producer for Storytellerz and 6 Reel Pictures (NICHE, HANK &EDGAR and CACTUS ) as well as a feature film writer for Emmet/Furla Films and Ross Bell (Producer of FIGHTCLUB and KILLBILL) and Fogleaf Media. He has worked as a casting associate with several casting directors, as a film development associate, as a director  and is currently Co-Producing the feature Film B-Girl. He brings a passion, knowledge, and love to the craft that is contagious. These dynamic courses have been developed out of years of training, experience and exploration in all aspects of Theatre, Improv, Film, and Television production.

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