FILMMAKING IN SAN DIEGO: What It Took to Put A Film Together

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Guest Speaker: Luis Martinez & CG Thomas

Original event synopsis

Ever wonder what it takes to put together a film in San Diego? Luis Martinez & CG Thomas have just wrapped shooting a feature length TV pilot. The trailer can be seen here.

A feature film takes a lot of resources - funding, locations, actors crew, equipment, etc.  Planning must be done for distribution. This production had numerous practical locations as well as studio staging.  It includes fight scenes and other stunts which required careful coordination.  Both union and non-union actors were used.

Come learn what it took to fund the production and how the resources were found in San Diego.

About the speakers:

Luis Martinez is a San Diego producer and director who is originally from Medellin Colombia. He grew up mostly in Queens NY with a father who was a Tango musician. He started out as a NY actor and improv performer in the late 90s. This was while taking some film courses and making some horrible short films and sketches. He dropped out in 1998 and headed out to LA to work as a production assistant on corporate fluff videos.

After tiring of LA, he moved to SD in 2002 and got a "real job". However, he was not doing what he loved. Five years ago decided to spend every spare "non working" second pursuing his passion. He began meeting more and more people with each project which has gotten him to where he is today.

CG Thomas is an actor, stuntman and writer. He was raised in Houston, Texas, always having a strong affinity for martial arts.  He spent a few years after high school as a club and radio VJ.  A chance to play basketball at a junior college brought him to San Diego.  After graduating with an AS degree in science, basketball took him up to CSUEB where he studied pure math and computer science with a minor in physics.  From there he went to work for Google.

It was the need for an upper division GE requirement in his junior year that exposed him to theater where he found his calling.  He did stage plays, improve studios, etc.  Despite the value of having a paying job, his heart was in acting. So he quit Google and moved back to living with his parents in Houston.  It took him six months to tell them he had decided to be a full time actor and give it his all.  He returned to San Diego because of people he knew here and to draw upon what he feels are untapped resources.

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