Camera counsel for DPs, Directors, and Actors. Plus an opportunity to tell your San Diego Story on KPBS

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guest Speaker: S. Allman

Original event synopsis

An important night for San Diego Filmmakers
Cameras for Film

Camera Time!
With the explosion of camera styles and formats, what's the best for my project? The Answer: Cinematographer and camera expert S. Allman will guide us through the choices we have to shoot our films. From the simple to the sublime, all cameras take pictures, it's how they take them and the quality of the image that makes the difference mechanically. (The rest is up to us!) This information is critical to actors, directors, producers and crew. Stuart's blog at has been a wealth of information to the San Diego production community.

Air Time!
What is your idea for a San Diego based television show?
Special Guest John Decker will join us for exciting news about Explore San Diego, an outreach by KPBS to San Diego producers, directors and writers for an opportunity to bring their program ideas to the San Diego airways. John is the head of programming at KPBS and wants to add to the varied San Diego themed programs already on the air such as Ken Kramer's About San Diego, Snapshot, Crossing South, and San Diego's Historic Places.

6:00–6:30 / Doors open for check-in and seating
6:30–8:00 / Screening, Presentation, Q&A
8:00–9:00 / Follow-Up


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