Top Gun and Adm. Pettigrew

Occurred on Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Guest Speaker: Rear Admiral Pete Pettigrew

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As a celluloid postcard to San Diego, nothing touches the 1986 movie originally pitched to Paramount as “Star Wars on Earth.”Pete Pettigrew, a Vietnam MiG killer (more than 325 combat missions) and Top Gun instructor, was hired to be the film’s technical adviser. It was his job to keep the scriptwriters grounded in reality.

KUSI News - San Diego, CA

Directors, actors and crew learn how to work with your adviser to keep your film grounded in reality... and hear a few really good stories about one of the biggest films made in San Diego.

Groovy Like A Movie
5205 Kearny Villa Way, San Diego, CA 92123
6:00–6:30 / Doors open for check-in and seating
6:30–8:00 / Screening, Presentation, Q&A
8:00–9:00 / Follow-Up

$5 donation at the door
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