Student Scholarship Films & The Shot That Makes the Film

Occurred on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Guest Speaker: Bill Bork

Original event synopsis


First, we will screen clips from the three student films created through the San Diego Filmmaker's Scholarship grants.

Next dive into The Shot That Makes the Film
In every film production there comes a frame or two that tells the director, "We've got a movie!"

Think of the iconic shots of some classic films.
--Dustin Hoffman framed in the crook of Mrs. Robinson's leg in The Graduate.
--Marlon Brando deep in his wood paneled office in The Godfather
--Bradley Cooper squinting into his rifle scope in American Sniper.

Award winning cinematographer Bill Bork ( Amalgamated Grommets) will share some of his favorite clips from his award winning films and commercials as he takes us behind the scenes. Observe the tough decision-making process a veteran cinematographer working with a Director must make to advance the storyline. Learn the balance between getting a great shot and getting the right shot.

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