Shooting Styles: Handheld, Tripod, and Steadicam

Occurred on Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Guest Speaker: Andy Levison

Original event synopsis

Shooting style can have a big impact on how a director's vision is captured. How do you select the best to tell your story? Andy Levison will give a live demonstration of shooting the same scene with each of three styles - first on a tripod, then handheld, and finally with a Steadicam.

The audience will see the scenes being shot live, then the video will be played back, so that the audience can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each shooting style for telling a story. This presentation is designed for cinematographers, directors, producers, actors and anyone interested in cinematic style.

About Andy Levison

Andy Levison is a long time Steadicam operator recently transplanted here in San Diego from the East Coast. Learn more about him and see examples of his work at

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