From Dream to Screen

How to make sure your vision becomes video

Occurred on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Guest Speaker: Greg Lefevre

Original event synopsis

There is an art to producing a successful video project which is often overlooked. Former CNN Bureau Chief and Emmy award winning Producer Greg Lefevre will take you step by step on how to take your project from idea to realization.
Greg’s presentation will include practical low-budget to no-budget ideas, concepts, and tips.
Attending filmmakers will deconstruct an actual Hollywood scene. They will learn how to break down a script into useable-shootable parts, how to assemble the right crew and how to bring the project to the screen.
Elements include:
• Securing the right script
• Assembling the right crew
• Practical locations
• Practical planning
• Budget
• Managing talent
• Keeping the production on track
• The myth of "fixing it in post"
• Getting your work seen.
• Protecting your rights, your crew, and your property.
Attendees are urged to bring their project ideas for discussion and practical guidance. This is a do not miss presentation conducted by an unusually experienced Producer who created successful broadcasts from war zones to national Presidential conventions. He now applies his extensive experience and award winning expertise to the film and media industries.

Click here to download handouts from meeting plus "AntiMurphyBag checklist" that was not in the handout folder.

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