Occurred on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Guest Speaker: Jeff Deverett

Original event synopsis

You've performed the miracle of getting your movie or TV show pilot made . . . now what do you do? Who do you take it to? How do you sell it? In this seminar, Jeff Deverett will walk you through all of the aspects of distribution, from Theatrical release, to DVD, VOD, and SVOD, to Cable, Network, and Syndicated Television, and beyond. We will discuss how to find the right distributor for your product or how to do it yourself. We will also talk about how to protect yourself and your revenue streams from disappearing into the abyss of distributor costs and fees. There will be a lot of information in a short amount of time, so come prepared for a bit of a mind spin.

About Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett is a producer, director and actor. He is a native of Toronto Canada, but now happily lives in San Diego with his wife and two youngest sons. Jeff began his film career as an Intellectual Property lawyer specializing in copyright and corporate media. He then transitioned into the Film/TV distribution business as VP of distribution at Canada's largest media company, Astral Communications. From there he became Executive VP of distribution for HIT Entertainment where he managed the iconic preschool properties Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Bob the Builder. He left HIT to assume the role of EVP Worldwide for Anchor Bay Entertainment where he set up distribution channels in Canada, the UK, Australia, and South Africa. And finally he created, ran, and ultimately sold his own media company called kaBOOM Entertainment which specialized in the production & distribution of children's and family programming. Jeff has independently financed and produced 3 feature films and 40 half hours of television. Jeff is now President & CEO of San Diego based Deverett Media Group which produces and distributes high quality family movies and TV series. His most recent movie, Full Out, premiered on NBC in Los Angeles and San Diego and has been sold around the world to Disney and Netflix.

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