A Shooter from Every Angle

Occurred on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Guest Speaker: Douglas Knapp

Original event synopsis

Award winning Camera Operator and Director of Photography Douglas Knapp will discuss how the relationship between a Director of Photography and Camera Operator effects not only each shot, but the dynamics of a set.  

He will also talk about the pros & cons of DP as Camera Operator, and other configurations that can change the overall outcome of a project. All this, along with his personal insights from nearly half a century in the industry.

About Doug Knapp

Douglas KnappWe all probably see Doug Knapp's work at least once a year, as Camera Operator on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Doug has been filming since the early 70s, including over 500 episodes for television,  most notably the Star Trek series, and 15 feature films including The Green Hornet, Coming to America and Beetlejuice.  He has worked along side some of film's most revered Directors such as John Landis, Tim Burton and John Carpenter.

Doug is a long time member of the International Cinematographers’s Guild Local 600, and 1972 Graduate of the USC School of Cinema. He is a member and former Vice President of the Society of Camera Operators, winning the President’s Award in 1994.  He is a member of VES, SOC, DCS and TV Academy.  He has also been a Cinematography Instructor at the Los Angeles Film School and West Los Angeles College.

Doug's imdb page can be found at


Join us for an educational evening with Doug Tuesday, February 9, 2016 6pm at

Groovy Like A Movie Studios 5205 Kearny Villa Way SAN DIEGO, CA  92123

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