Lighting vs Illumination: The Power of Lighting

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Guest Speaker: Bill Holshevnikoff

Original event synopsis

There is a big difference between lighting and simply providing illumination. Light can help tell the story and emphasize important nuances of a shot. See The Power of Lighting for more.

About Bill Holshevnikoff

Bill Holshevnikoff – An emmy-winning Director of Photography, lighting designer and educator, Holshevnikoff has been lighting and shooting broadcast, corporate and documentary programming for over 30 years. He has created stunning lighting and imagery for clients such as Marriott Resorts, National Geographic, ESPN, Conservation Int’l, Four Seasons, Mercedes-Benz, Infinity, Cisco Systems, and for numerous television networks throughout the world. Holshevnikoff recently completed work on two National Geographic documentaries, The Fellowship of the Whales , and Collapse, based on the book by Jared Diamond, and a feature film in 2014.

Recognized as one of the leading experts in the lighting industry, Holshevnikoff has taught his Power of Lighting Workshops to thousands of film, television & corporate video professionals throughout North America and around the globe. His experience as a lighting educator includes the production of over a dozen highly successful lighting education videos, his own Power of Lighting DVD Series, and over 100 featured articles in popular trade publications, such as American Cinematographer, DV and Video Systems Magazines.

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