More Than Just Sword Play

Action as a Story and Character Tool

Occurred on Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Guest Speaker: Anthony DeLongis

Original event synopsis

Telling a compelling story with action is one of the most powerful tools available to entertain, educate and emotionally motivate an audience. Writers and directors should not miss the opportunity to use action to drive story and articulate character. Directors and camera ops need to know how to safely capture action that looks realistic on screen, and every actor should include action as part of her or his skill-set.

Our September meeting provides an opportunity to learn from a master. With a little luck we will have a live demonstration with audience participation.

About Anthony and Mary DeLongis

Anthony DeLongis is an Actor, Director, Fight Coordinator & Weapons Expert. He has taught actors such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Angelica Houston and Ellen Barkin the use of swords, whips and other weaponry. Check out his skills and resume.

Mary DeLongis is an actor and stuntwoman.

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