Location Shooting

From Scouting to On-site Etiquette

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Guest Speakers: Lisa Rothmuller, Welton Jones

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Nov 2016 Poster

November's speakers Lisa Rothmuller and Welton Jones will help you learn the best ways to find and maximize the benefits of shooting "on location". Just what is it that location managers and scouts do in the film industry? What is a prepped location? When do you need permits? And when don’t you? What do film offices do? And what don’t they? Questions of liability, insurance and ownership of images. Standard location fees in San Diego and elsewhere. How to find “free locations.” Scouting strategies for do-it-yourselfers and tips for managing a professional scout.

They will also cover how the cast and crew can minimize negative impacts so that the public welcomes us back to shoot again. Specifics include how to protect a location, location karma, set etiquette and conventions. Working on streets with the police. Who is Sarah Jones?

We will also hear from a representative of the San Diego Museum Council about opportunities for shooting in a museum.

About Lisa Rothmuller
Lisa Rothmuller has overseen locations on dozens of San Diego’s most notable large film projects over the past 20 years. She was location manager for multiple seasons on Silk Stalkings, Veronica Mars and more recently Last Ship and Pitch. Her feature credits include Bring it On and Anchorman. As the long time senior location manager at Stu Segall Productions, she trained several location managers who went on to have distinguished careers of their own. In recent years, Lisa has diversified into commercials and short form television.

About Welton Jones
Welton Jones managed television permitting at the San Diego Film Commission during San Diego’s busiest years of television production in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. He then joined the Hollywood Location Managers Local 399 and worked in LA on such projects as Medical Mysteries, Medium and HBO’s Carnival. Returning to San Diego, Welton has location managed network pilots and independent features but has for years, specialized in commercials and short form television. Until last year, he served on the board of directors of the Location Managers Guild International.

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