From Novel to Silver Screen

Occurred on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Guest Speaker: Scott McEwen

Original event synopsis

What does it take to get your novel made into a movie?

Scott McEwen will tell us about his experience writing American Sniper and following the path taken for it to become a major motion picture. What is it like to capture someone’s biography into a book? How much creative license can you take and still remain true? How different is the screenplay from the book? Is interaction with producers and the director a collaboration or a battle? How much control do you keep and what do you sign away? What is it like to work with Clint Eastwood? What is the writer’s involvement with casting? How much detail must you give the set designer? What else happens during pre-production?

Once shooting has begun does the writer just sit back and watch or is there active involvement? Does the writer participate in the table read? Must actors strictly adhere to the script or do you give them latitude? What is the writer’s role on the set? What can actors learn from interaction with the writer?
Come hear answers to these questions and those posed by the audience. If you have one of Scott’s books, bring it along and have it autographed.

About Scott McEwen
Scott McEwen has transitioned from being a trial attorney in San Diego, California to being a full-time author. He grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon and loves the outdoors. He has a special interest in the military and military history. Read more about Scott on his Facebook page and website.

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