SAG AFTRA Contracts Made Simple

Occurred on Saturday, 18 February 2017

Guest Speaker: Cynthia Williams

Original event synopsis

San Diego Filmmakers is conducting a two hour workshop as part of San Diego Film Week.

Cynthia Williams will present her program: SAG-AFTRA CONTRACTS MADE SIMPLE: THE REEL DEAL ABOUT THEATRICAL LOW BUDGET AND NEW MEDIA AGREEMENTS. Using SAG-AFTRA contracts is easier than you may expect. Attend this information session to become familiar with SAG-AFTRA low budget and new media agreements, and learn how to employ SAG-AFTRA members in your projects.

About Cynthia Williams
Cynthia Williams is the regional outreach and education liaison from the SAG-AFTRA office in Los Angeles.

Also included will be a presentation by Bonnie Kristell and Candace Rose about Palomar College's cinema program.

General public tickets are $12. SAG-AFTRA members can attend the workshop for free by showing their SAG-AFTRA card at the door.

Visit for tickets or more information.

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