Converting an idea into an on-air show

Checking off the steps

Occurred on Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Guest Speakers: Fred Ashman, Gloria Gold

Original event synopsis

Coming up with a show idea is easy but it takes work to get it on the air. Gloria Gold and Fred Ashman will cover taking a project from concept idea through team formation, then sizzle, funding, pilot and ultimately distribution.

For years Gloria has been refining an idea for a weekly television show. Teaming up with Fred they have researched the demographics, market, audience and distribution channel options including cable and network. Once the idea was proved viable, they built a team, worked up promotional materials, secured funding, produced a pilot, and are on track to air by the spring of 2018. They even have plans to release the show in Spanish for the Latin market.

View a special SDFilmmakers preview of what the show is about HERE.

Come learn from their experience so that you can turn your idea into reality.

Follow the link for more information about the Gloria Gold Show.

About Gloria Gold
Gloria Gold has a two decade history in TV and film. She started as an on-air journalist in Dallas and worked with CBS, NBC and Univision. She has received Golden Mike honors, Emmys and Press Club awards. San Diego has been her home and base of operations since the mid 90’s.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Gloria spent her childhood growing up in Latin America where the show inspiration was created. Although the Gloria Gold Show is both a national & international endeavor, she is hoping to have San Diego serve as the home base for the cutting-edge project.

About Fred Ashman
Fred Ashman is well known in the film community throughout Southern California. His work includes multi-million dollar TV and film projects.

He has lived in San Diego since he was 13 and directed his first commercial TV show at age 18. He's been a professional trumpet player, band director, and producer for Disney. A licensed pilot, he has produced/directed for major airlines and plane manufacturers. He ran his own San Diego based production company from 1974 to 2013. His work has garnered over 100 major awards for documentaries, IMAX, large & small corporate video and events, music videos, tv pilots, TV SPECIALS, and feature films. He is now a guest speaker at colleges/universities and working on special projects.

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