Then and Now

Occurred on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Guest Speaker: Frank T. DeMartini

Original event synopsis

Distribution is critical to making money from a film. AFM (American Film Market) just wrapped up its 2017 conference. Distribution options are continually evolving.

November's program is an interview discussion featuring producer Frank DeMartini moderated by his friend Cammie Morgan. Topic highlights include:
1. The way getting a production deal used to be and how it has dramatically changed in just a few short years. Where the money is and how to get it.

2. The change in production budgets, revenues and how to get a piece of the pie. Find out how it's done.

3. Who are the players in the production/distribution today.

4. How international distribution was/is absolutely critical in getting your money back.

About the speaker
Frank T. DeMartini is an attorney, film producer, blogger and politician who served on the staff of Avi Lerner’s Millennium Films from 1999 until 2016 as its General Counsel. Since then he has been actively pursuing independent producing and campaigning for Congress. Although, most of DeMartini’s early films were either direct to video or made for television, DeMartini branched into the theatrical world with the 2005 release Mozart and the Whale. Since then he has produced others such as Mad Money and Mechanic: Resurrection.

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