Building a Revenue-Generating YouTube Channel

Occurred on Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Guest Speaker(s): Walter Nowosad

Original event synopsis

Many of us hear of the riches to be made using YouTube but few succeed. Just how is money made on YouTube? Walter draws from his video production YouTube experiences to share what it takes to build an ad-revenue generating channel. Hear how do people become YouTube Partners. You'll learn about training resources; tips, tricks, potential pitfalls, false assumptions, and ah-ha moments; connecting the dots between the two most important analytics; where the money comes from; how Google pays its YouTube Partners; other potential sources of revenue for your channel; factors to consider when selecting or changing the focus of your YouTube channel; motivation, consistency, & time commitments; YouTube benefits; and more.

About the speaker
Walter Nowosad is a YouTube Partner and has been a YouTube Creator since August 2009. With over 14,000 subscribers from around the world, the sun never sets on his channel. The ninety-one videos he's posted garner thousands of views every day and millions of viewer-minutes every month. Walter’s YouTube channel Search4TruthReality focuses on people with amazing and fantastical first-hand accounts of high-strangeness and invites all viewers to discern the truth on their own. Walter has been an active member of the San Diego Adobe PremierePro Users Group and the SD Film community since 2010. He has participated in several 48 Hour Film Projects as an editor, actor, and Team Leader. He has written, produced, and edited TV pitch reels – independently and for Struans Media, Inc. Walter has assisted local San Diego filmmakers by taking on a variety of production roles. In 2017, he co-wrote a proposed TV series entitled Duality; and, performed as First Assistant Camera on Bad Hombre: a locally-produced short film intended for film festivals in 2018. Walter’s current projects include editing a music video produced by another YouTube Creator and interviewing other well-known experiencers and contactees in the UFO community.


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