Maximize Your Presence on IMDB

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Guest Speaker: Gerren Hall

Original event synopsis

IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) has become the go to reference for all things movies and the people that make them. What shows up when someone searches for you or your project? Learn how you can control what people find.

The movie watching public uses IMDB to help jog their memories about who starred in a movie or which movies included their favorite star. But note that industry insiders use IMDB to find talent and crew for their productions. Producers use it to promote their work and get more eyes. It can also be used find how famous stars got their start and maybe provide some ideas for aspiring actors.

IMDB presence along with a professional or project website is a good way to highlight your work.

About the speaker
Gerren Hall is an San Diego based actor that has worked on both sides of the camera and held almost every role in a production. He has helped numerous actors develop their IMDB presence as well as flesh out the IMDB credits for many productions.

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