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Occurred on Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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For our 13th anniversary, we are putting together a panel of actors for a discussion about directing styles. Each actor will show a clip of their work and tell how direction affected the performance. Even if you are not on the panel, there will be plenty of opportunity to express your opinion during Q&A.

The panel ...

Lori Jones
Lori Jones fell into background work and infomercials on the weekends and on school breaks. She was fascinated with the industry and started taking acting classes. Lori now appears in many commercials (including international) and can be seen in many short films and feature films shot in San Diego.
Theresa Layne
Theresa Layne is an American actress known for her commanding screen presence and unforgettable personality. After being accused of making Mr. Rogers look mean by a director and going after her career like a Pit Bull by her acting coach, she has earned the distinct description "Sweet with a Bite". With her mid-west charm and west coast savvy.
Gerren Hall
Gerren Hall has been acting since the age of three. He has acted on stage and in television/film productions.
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez has acted in film, television,and theatre since the 1980's. Lorenzo is the CEO of Premier Acting Consulting, which he coaches actors in perfecting their craft, career, and the business side of the entertainment industry. He studied the acting methods of Stanislavski, Meisner ,and many more. He also represents San Diego in SAG-AFTRA.
Teresa Suarez Grosso
Teresa Suarez Grosso acts mostly in small independent films and local theater.

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