Is the Grass Greener? – Trials and Triumphs of Hollywood

Occurred on Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Guest Speaker: Aaron Matthew Kaiser

Original event synopsis

Aaron Matthew Kaiser, one of the founders of San Diego Filmmakers, will describe his transition from San Diego to Hollywood. Was he pushed or pulled? What’s better; what’s worse? He’ll talk about finding work, funding, staffing, locations, permits, casting, etc. It hasn't been easy (even hard realities like living on the floor of his office). His presentation will be followed by Q&A so nothing is left uncovered.

About the Speaker
Aaron Matthew Kaiser was born in San Diego and has been an active filmmaker since high school. His award winning 48 Hour film project in 2004 featured Doug Jones now known for playing the amphibian man in The Shape of Water. He has been winning awards ever since. He has worn many hats in the business but he is best known for wearing a suit and fedora. Visit his YouTube channel for examples.

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