Working With and Around Drones

Occurred on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Guest Speaker: Greg Lefevre

Original event synopsis

Drones have become an exciting new option in a filmmakers toolbox. Some drone footage is just great looking high angle/overhead B-roll to for establishing location. However, drones can be used for hard to capture near-ground shots as well. Just what are the realistic capabilities of drones? What do actors and crew need to know when shooting with drones? Can you capture clean audio with a drone buzzing overhead? Does prop-wash affect costumes or hair? What about shooting indoors? Hear about this and more. See examples that have integrated into productions. There will also be input from a director’s point of view and comments from location experts.

About our speaker
Our own Greg Lefevre retired from a long career as a CNN correspondent only to start his own business as a media trainer and now a drone pilot.

A native of Encino, California, Greg received a BS degree in Telecommunications and Film from San Diego State University. He worked with TV stations in San Diego, Dallas, and Fresno. He went on to be Bureau Chief and Correspondent for CNN's San Francisco Bureau. This took him to a long list high profile news events. He is now providing media training to many prominent companies and individuals. Greg been flying drones commercially for more than five years and was among the earliest adopters when the FAA began licensing drone pilots (more at

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