Reality TV

A Survivor's Eye View

Occurred on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Guest Speaker: Kara Kay

Original event synopsis

Reality TV has become a mainstay of network television. Since its start in May of 2000, Survivor has lasted 37 seasons and is still going. One of San Diego's own was a season 37 contestant. Come hear what it was like to apply, get cast, live the reality and watch the crew capture it all. What happens during the shoot? What determines wardrobe? Is the crew always hovering around? How do they get such clean audio?

Anyone capturing a live event knows the challenges of being at the right place at all times, getting sufficient coverage, from the right angles, with clear audio while not imposing on the event's flow. This is true for weddings, sporting events, news coverage, and other documentary endeavors. Challenges are further compounded when the event runs 24 hours a day for over a month, outdoors and in primitive conditions.

Kara had to develop acting skills on the fly as she balanced her true self against the persona necessary to play the game. She even found ways to do her hair. There will be something of interest for everyone.

About our speaker
Kara Kay is a San Diego native with a strong background in dance. She was a member of the San Diego Charger Girls. She is now a real estate agent in La Jolla and is one of the hosts on the American Dream TV network.

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