Perseverance in Production

Making of Krieg

Occurred on Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Guest Speaker: Jeff Fry

Original event synopsis

Inspiration for a story is just the beginning. Getting it to the screen takes work and luck that can best be summed up in the word perseverance. Jeff Fry's challenges included finding a WWII era plane and shooting "snow" scenes outside Palm Springs in 117 degree heat. He became a master of eBay while gathering props, costumes, vehicles, and weapons to make the film authentic. What couldn't be acquired had to be hand crafted. These are just samples of the mountains of adversity that were faced.

Come hear Jeff Fry deconstruct the eight years it took to bring award winning Krieg to the screen.


About the Speaker
Jeff Fry has worn many filmmaking hats over decades. His resume includes gaffer, electrician, photographer, camera operator, DP, writer, actor, director, cinematographer and producer. His short film Krieg has won over 30 awards and 18 nominations.

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