Collaboration Projects

Collaborations Overview

Project 0 - An Example

Summary: Two people professing love for each other

Script by author

Storyboards by artist


Character clips -

1.1.1 RightPerson played by actor

1.1.1 LeftPerson played by actor

Background clips -

1.1.1 Background by cameraOp

Finished works -

Project 1 - Qur'an Tina

Summary: Tinder relationship interrupted by Covid-19

Qur'an Tina Script by Jordan Schaffner


Before the US Covid-19 lock down, a couple chat on Tinder, who are physically very attracted to each other but when they actually meet, they really can't stand each other. TINA, a Jewish Brazilian hottie flies to San Diego to attend a business conference and to meet BUZZ, the blonde not so religious Muslim surfer from Tinder. After they have a drunken one night stand, the President declares a nationwide lockdown so she and BUZZ must stay together until the quarantine is over.

TINA is a young late 20's Jewish Brazilian hottie with a Portuguese accent who flies to meet BUZZ at a bar in his condo in San Diego.
BUZZ is a blonde somewhat religious liberal Muslim San Diego surfer.
A BARTENDER serves drinks to them at a local condo bar.

Project 2 - Promise

Summary: Bartender helping patron through grief

Promise Script by Robert Cox

Male Patron

Project 3 - The Germ-O

Summary: Husband gets cut off after being too casual at grocery

The Germ-O Script by Isabel Canzoneri


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