Six Feet of Separation Collaborations

This is a community effort to make collaborative videos. The objective is to produce videos (ten minutes or less) in the Coronavirus environment and learn techniques for creating and compositing independent elements. Movies are being made where co-stars are never in the same physical room with each other and actors often perform with an inanimate object such as a tennis ball as a stand-in for their partner. Let’s get the San Diego film community building our skillsets while we are being isolated. We want to provide involvement opportunities for as many people as possible. Details on how this all works can evolve over time as more get involved. Suggestions are welcome. Note that all contributor information will be collected for use in final credits.

Phase 1 - Writing

Writers and artists will create scripts and storyboards detailing the story elements. These will be uploaded to the web and made available to the film community. Much detail will be provided to assure maximum continuity between elements. Scripts can have one or more scenes. Actors, directors, etc. can then provide notes and other feedback. After a short revision period, we will have “story lock". Details

Writers can start submitting now.

Phase 2 - Acting & Shooting

During this phase, actors and camera ops will capture the acting and background elements. Actors can take on as many roles as they wish and multiple takes can be submitted. Those shooting scene backgrounds can do so outdoors, practical locations, or even custom built sets. Clips will be uploaded to the web and made available to the film community. This phase can continue even after the next phase has begun. Details

Actors can start now with the Project 0 Example.

Phase 3 - Editing & Post

Editors will now pick a script and download the elements created for that script. Choice of background elements and actors will be left up to each editor. Ideally each editor will produce multiple cuts - each with different actors and background elements. Any script can be selected any number of editors and any editor can choose to work on multiple scripts. Imagine the possible combinations. Editing can be done independently or use virtual collaboration. Once there is picture lock, sound designers and color correctors can polish each work. Final productions will be uploaded to the web. Details

Phase 4 - Watching & Learning

People can watch the final versions. Surely nothing will reach the production values of a coordinated effort but there are sure to be a few laughs. We will hold online critique sessions (e.g. Zoom meetings) and discuss what can be learned from each effort.

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