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San Diego Filmmakers holds regular sessions on the second Tuesday of each month and ocasional special seminars. Note: sessions without a speaker are tentative. Let us know your suggestions.

Working With and Around Drones

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Guest Speaker(s): Greg Lefevre

Drones have become an exciting new option in a filmmakers toolbox. They can do much more than high angle/overhead B-roll. What do actors and crew need to know when shooting with drones? They can open a new world to writers, producers, and directors.

Location: Comedy Palace

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Adventures in Field Production – Lessons for Every Filmmaker

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Guest Speaker(s): Jeffrey Lehmann

Learn how to survive and thrive under the most high pressured and dangerous shooting conditions in destinations around the world. Highlights include avoiding arrest, camera seizures, and even death by dangerous wildlife.

Location: Comedy Palace

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