Script - Storyboard - Shot List

The purpose of this phase is to produce a shooting script and associated documents so that a person can single handedly execute any shot. For actors this might mean giving a performance in front of a cell phone on a tripod. Each shooting script would probably involve a collaboration between a writer, a storyboard artist, and a director.

Writers will create scripts targeted toward composited shots. These can range from something simple such as two stationary people talking with one another to multi-people parties, action sequences, and scenes employing fancy “camera moves”.

Each writer will engage a storyboard artist to help work up a shot list and diagrams showing blocking, suggested set design, and camera moves. Include details such as how actors and other elements are to interact as well as expected lens focal lengths and lighting expectations. If a writer does not have a storyboard artist they normally work with, just submit the script and we will try to pair the writer with an artist.

Directors may be engaged to help the writers/storyboard artists to review scripts, scene diagrams, and shot lists. Since there won't be a director on set, it is critical to continuity to have a shot list. If the writer/storyboard artist is not comfortable creating a shot list, we will try to pair a director to the team and collaboratively create one.

Send your submissions to with the following:

  • Title
  • List of character descriptions
  • .pdf of script
  • .pdf of shooting script (with a section for each character and background element)
  • .pdf with story boards
  • .pdf of shot list (broken down by character and background element)
  • names of contributers (for credits)

These submissions will be posted on the Collaboration Projects page so others can start working. Send any updates (noting what changed - e.g. clarifications, extensions, etc.) to the same address. These will be added to the project as a new version. Any significant changes should be submitted as a new project.

Collaboration Projects

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