Act - Shoot - Draw


Actors will choose one or more parts from the scripts. You can even play two parts in the same script as your "twin". A cell phone on a tripod can work for shooting but feel free to be creative with camera work. Be sure to shoot against a neutral background (e.g. green screen) and match the blocking of the storyboard.

Directors can help coach actors. This can be done by privately posting video and/or having a separate “Facetime” or similar video chat while filming.

Camera Operators

Camera ops can shoot footage that matches the backgrounds called out in the scripts/storyboards. Some scenes could be played out in front of any number of backgrounds and the decision left to the editor creating the final composite.

Graphic Artists

Graphic artists can create any number of elements that could facilitate compositing the final production.

Please name your clips using the following convention:

SSSS.ssss.tttt CharacterName

where "SSSS" is the scene number, "ssss" is the shot number, "tttt" is the take number. Acting clips will include the "CharacterName".

Upload your clips to your favorite video repository (e.g. YouTube) as "unlisted". Send links for your clips to along with the following:

  • Project name
  • credit information (e.g. actor's name)

These links will be posted on the Collaboration Projects page so others can start working. Feel free to send additional takes.

Collaboration Projects

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