Key - Edit - Polish

Clip Keying

Most actors submitting clips will not have the ability to shoot against a clean greenscreen background. But all clips will need a clean key before they can be composited. For this reason, it is requested that editors "adopt" raw clips and do the keying work once and then re-upload the clip with a clean green background.


Editors will choose one or more projects to composite. They can choose from all the options shot for each script. Multiple editors can come up with their own interpretation of each script. In some cases an editor might ask an actor or other content creator for a retake to enhance an interpretation.


Once there is picture lock, sound designers and color correctors can polish the work. This could also include creation of a title sequence. The editor will append a credit sequence making sure to give attribution to all contributors.

Editors will upload completed works to their favorite video repository (e.g. YouTube) as "unlisted". Send the link for your work to along with the following:

  • Project name

These links will be posted on the Collaboration Projects page so participants can start viewing. Feel free to send an additional cut under a revised name.

Collaboration Projects

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