San Diego Filmmakers holds regular sessions on the second Tuesday of each month and occasional special seminars.
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April 14 Dark Again Corona Virus
March 10 MARCH 2020 CANCELLED Corona Virus
February 11 Is Virtual Reality In Your Filmmaking Future? Todd Brinkman
January 14 The Story of One Movement Sue Vicory


December 10 Screenwriting : Who Are You Writing to? Sean Paul Murphy
November 12 What’s the Deal: A Legal Perspective on the Independent Filmmaking Process Adam Englund
October 8 From Topgun to Filmmaker Alan Pietruszewski
September 10 Special Effects Makeup Jeff Barkley
August 13 Promotion of Self and Productions Will Roberts
July 9 Killer Tomatoes - Then & Now Steve Peace
June 11 Perseverance in Production - Making of Krieg Jeff Fry
May 14 Filmmaking as a Business - Building Your Career Fred Ashman
April 9 Women Making a Scene Kimmy Weinberger, Tyler French
March 12 Making Feature Films in San Diego Jeff Deverett
February 12 The Business of Character - Decades of Acting & Casting Experience P. David Miller
January 8 Reality TV - A Survivor's Eye View Kara Kay


December 11 Adventures in Field Production – Lessons for Every Filmmaker Jeffrey Lehmann
November 13 Working With and Around Drones Greg Lefevre
October 9 Is the Grass Greener? – Trials and Triumphs of Hollywood Aaron Matthew Kaiser
September 11 Actor's Thoughts on Directors - What Works Well
August 14 Keeping Your Head On Straight - Help with the Ups and Downs Daphyne Watson
July 10 Making Cell Phone Videos - Everyone Should Do It Susan Botello
June 12 Stories from the 48 - Shared Experiences
May 8 Maximize Your Presence on IMDB - Putting Your Best Face Forward Gerren Hall
April 10 Building a Revenue Generating YouTube Channel Walter Nowosad
March 13 Pick the Brain of an Experienced Director Lawrence Roeck
February 13 Upping the Action - Using Martial Arts Chucky Currie
January 9 Shooting in a Studio - The Joys of a Controlled Environment Jim Ellis, Lauren Fehlhaber


December 12 Another Take on Distribution Bradley Dorsey
November 14 Distribution - Then and Now Frank T. DeMartini
October 10 Sound of a Great Story James Alburger, Peter Berkos
September 12 Productions That Pop - Without a Hollywood Budget Bob Gardner
August 8 Visual Effects - Creating It In Post Kevin VanHook
July 11 Getting Laughs - Making Use of Comedy Steve Kaplan
June 13 Getting Parts & Casting Tips Billy DaMota
May 9 Been There - Won That Duane Trammell, Robyn Sarvis, Stephen Mickelsen, Susan Davis, Tom Antl
April 11 Converting an idea into an on-air show : Checking off the steps Fred Ashman, Gloria Gold
March 14 Film Friendly Native Americans – San Diego’s Unique Opportunity Ruben Hinojosa, Sam Bearpaw
February 18 SAG AFTRA Contracts Made Simple Cynthia Williams
February 14 From Novel to Silver Screen Scott McEwen
January 10 Longevity in Film: Perseverance Pays Off Peter Sherayko


December 13 Law 101 for Filmmakers Art Neill, Shaun Spalding
November 8 Location Shooting - From Scouting to On-site Etiquette Lisa Rothmuller, Welton Jones
October 11 Winning Roles and Awards - How They Did It Jodi Cilley, Rebecca and Kevin Joelson, Shane Allen
September 13 Francine Resigns Francine Filsinger
More Than Just Sword Play - Action as a Story and Character Tool Anthony DeLongis
August 9 What Makes For a Successful 48 Hour Team? Brent Altomare, Duane Trammell, Robyn Sarvis, Tom Antl
July 12 Directorial Choices with 3X Primetime Emmy Award Nominated Director Lee Shallat-Chemel
June 14 An Evening with Ben Dominguez Ben Dominguez
May 10 A Big Picture Look at Film Casting Matthew Lessell
April 12 Film Editing with Alan Heim Alan Heim
March 8 Lighting vs Illumination: The Power of Lighting Bill Holshevnikoff
February 9 A Shooter from Every Angle Douglas Knapp
January 12 Conceptual Cinematography: Making Those Critical Choices Richard Crudo


December 8 DISTRIBUTION 101 Jeff Deverett
November 10 FEARLESS Film Making: careening toward enlightenment in the film industry Paul Babin
October 13 From Dream to Screen - How to make sure your vision becomes video Greg Lefevre
September 8 Film Office Update County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Kristin Tillquist
August 11 Shooting Styles: Handheld, Tripod, and Steadicam Andy Levison
July 14 Casting and Being Cast Billy Cowart, Merrick McCartha
June 9 Capturing Sound & 48Hr Film Project Duane Trammell, Frank Forth, Robyn Sarvis
May 12 Student Scholarship Films & The Shot That Makes the Film Bill Bork
April 14 Video Village - Keeping an eye on the set Bob Unger, Greg Lefevre
April 12 Politically Speaking: San Diego's Film Office Francine Filsinger, Marianne Kushi, Mayor Faulconer, Supervisor Roberts
March 10 Top Gun and Adm. Pettigrew Rear Admiral Pete Pettigrew
February 10 Filmmaker Neil Kendricks Neil Kendricks
January 13 In SanDiego, About San Diego Noah Tafolla


December 9 Scholarship Festival & Award Ceremony
November 20 Storytelling Through Editing Alan Bell, Kanen Flowers
November 11 Filming Across the Border Chris Cashman
November 2 Scholarship Fundraiser Dr. Robert Edelman, Jim Brown, Nick Binkley, Valery Saifudinov
October 14 Miracles in Post Production Mary Poplin
September 9 Commercials - 30-Second Movies Michael Brueggemeyer
August 12 The State of Film in San Diego Brent Altomare, County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Michael Brueggemeyer
July 8 Camera counsel for DPs, Directors, and Actors. Plus an opportunity to tell your San Diego Story on KPBS S. Allman
June 10 CASTING & BEING CAST: What You Need to Know Craig Campobasso
May 13 DOCUMENTARIES: How do you stay on track? Bob Gardner
April 8 FILMMAKING IN SAN DIEGO: What It Took to Put A Film Together Luis Martinez & CG Thomas
March 11 MOVIE SETS ON A BUDGET: Tips That Won't Max Out Your Credit Card Jeff Van Gonka
January 14 Realities of Reality TV Ken Gora


October 8 NAKED ACTORS ARE A BLANK CANVAS - How a Costume Designer Can Impact a Production Shannon Arrant
September 10 GETTING THE SHOT: Experiences of a Former Newsman, Now a DP Erik Naso
August 13 MAKING THE EDITOR'S LIFE EASIER: What Everyone In A Production Should Know About Editing Michael Towe
July 9 CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Making the Best Location Sound Recording Joe Godfrey
June 11 Sound Bite School: What Do I Ask? What Do I Say? Greg Lefevre
May 14 THE 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT - The Ins & Outs of Preparation Duane Trammell, Michael Brueggemeyer
April 9 WOMEN IN FILM - Working Behind the Camera to Make the Project a Success Leslie LaPage
March 30 SPECIAL SEMINAR Saturday 3/30: MUSIC TO YOUR EYES with LARRY GROUPE Larry Groupé
March 12 TOP LEGAL MYTHS - What Indie Film & Video Producers & Actors Should Know David P. Branfman
February 12 3D FOR REEL - Life in the Third Dimension Barry Sandrew, Ph.D
January 8 REAL PRODUCERS DON'T DO PIZZA - Feed the Crew! Greg Lefevre, Matthew Baker


December 11 WRITING: THE LONG & THE SHORT OF IT - The Effect On Cast & Crew Marianne Bates, Marni Freedman
December 1 SPECIAL EVENT: Financing Independent Films in the Current Marketplace John Cones
October 9 MUSIC TO YOUR EYES - Pulling the Movie Together With Music Larry Groupé
September 11 The Reality of Faking It: The Business of Acting Sandi Buehner
August 14 Get A (Social) Life! Dennis Lorrig
July 10 Can You Hear Me Now? Making Sound Decisions. J.J. McLeod
June 12 How to Make Your Film Fiscally Fit Dennis Lorrig, John Cole
May 8 48 Hours @ 24 FPS Duane Trammell
April 10 Location, Location, Location Kathy McCurdy
February 14 Creating A Look Using Makeup and Lighting Katie Betian, Michael Brueggemeyer
January 10 Performing and Directing Stunts in Independent Projects Allen Robinson, Rich Minga


December 13 Voice Over Production Challenges Across Media Connie Terwilliger, Dino Andrade, Lani Minella
November 8 San Diego Filmmakers Anniversary Party
October 11 How to Get Your Film Financed John Cole, Larry Weinberg
September 13 Sneak into Hollywood by producing your own films! Ace Underhill
August 9 Successful Filmmaking with the Director and Producer of Half Way Kevin Foster
July 12 Getting Ready for the 48HR Film Project Duane Trammell
June 14 One Shot: The making of a feature in a single take Al Stoffell, Karl Backus, Ronn Kilby
May 10 Making the Jump into Hollywood Michele Wallerstein
April 12 Casting the Right Actor for your Film Billy Cowart
March 8 Nicholl Fellowship Winner Destin Cretton Destin Daniel Cretton
February 8 Successful Filmmaking with the Director and Producer of Sudden Death! Adam Hall, Melanie Hall
January 11 Bringing Music to Life on Film Leah Curtis


December 14 CANCELLED - What It Means to Win the Nicholl Fellowship Destin Daniel Cretton
November 9 From the Web to the Silver Screen Kelly Parks, Neil Trusso, Vernon Mortensen
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