Productions That Pop

Without a Hollywood Budget

Occurred on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Guest Speaker: Bob Gardner

Original event synopsis

You can learn a lot from someone that has been creating productions for over 50 years. How many people can say they filmed JFK address his graduation class from under a cap and gown for later broadcast on TV-8. His productions transitioned from film to tape and now to digital media.

Bob was able to produce great films in San Diego on very low budgets by substituting tricks and creativity for huge production dollars. He'll clips from many award winning films with the background stories how we were able to use “off the wall” ideas to make our films “POP” instead of throwing money at them. How about producing 90 seconds of Roto-Scope for the cost of 4 gallons of cheap wine. He will show how he did his first Claymation film shot in 35mm, plus a low budget series of commercials shot in 35mm at 6 frames per second to save the cost of film stock and processing, and when he needed smooth motion control how he used 30 weight motor oil.

Technology has made film making easier and cheaper than when Bob started but the practical techniques he learned can be useful to any up and coming film maker. He encourages a good, down to earth Q&A session.

About the speaker
Bob Gardner followed a 17 year career at KFMB-TV by starting has own production company since 1978. He has received numerous local, national, and international awards - including 31 EMMY Awards - for film, video, television, broadcast, corporate, still photography and radio production.

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